Resort Policies


Campground Policies

Offut Lake Resort is a “Green” business and encourages eco-friendly practices.

  • Please: Recycle paper, bottles and cans…containers provided

  • Conserve water & don’t spill “gray” water onto the ground

  • Burn clean, dry campfire wood. No nails, treated lumber, pallets or “junk”

  • Guests are not permitted to bring gas motor boats


Not permitted at campground:

  • Parking or carpets on grass. Parking in unoccupied sites

  • Metal detecting in campground or off docks

  • Vandalizing park in any way

  • Fireworks

  • Bicycle riding in campground

  • Washing or repairing vehicles or RVs in campground

  • Use or display of firearms of any type

  • Use of generators unless there is a total power outage

  • Any cutting of trees, plants or scavenging wood in the campground or neighborhood

  • No EV charging at sites. Only one electrical plug to be used at pedestal any time

  • RV sewer hook up requires “elbow”.

  • No subletting of RV sites or cottages

Check with campground management before inviting guests. Register your guests when checking in. Park can reach maximum occupancy and restrict day pass guests. Maximum occupancy per site is 6 persons, this includes day pass guests. Management reserves the right to limit day pass access. Parking is limited to one vehicle per site. Visitors may need to park in the parking area after purchasing day pass.


Pets are welcome in campground except on Docks, Lakeside Area and Cabins. Pets must be on hand-held leash at all times. Pets must not be left unattended. Pets may not be tied to trees or campground fixtures. It is your responsibility to clean up after your pet. You are responsible for any dogs your guests may bring. Aggressive or noisy pets will be asked to leave (with their owners). Dog owners agree to accept legal and financial responsibility for any property damage or injuries caused by their dog.
Children are the responsibility of their parents. Children under 12 years old must wear a life jacket on docks. Docks and playground require parental supervision.


NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY! SWIM OR ENTER THE WATER AT YOUR OWN RISK! Protective footwear encouraged. Nature can be “sharp”!
Quiet time is 10 PM to 7 AM. Please be considerate of your neighbors if you have music, games or have multiple people at your site, even if it is not within “quiet hours”.
B-B-Qs & small cook fires in the provided fire rings are allowed. Please do not set barbecues on picnic tables. No portable fire pits on grass.
Come equipped for weather or power outages. No refunds due to inclement weather, lake conditions such as algae blooms or early departure.